Month: February 2019

Who could be your Jeff Dean?

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Facts! If you’re a programmer, you’ve probably relished in some of the many Jeff Dean facts. Here’s a selection for you: Jeff Dean’s PIN is the last 4 digits of pi. Jeff Dean proved that P = NP when he solved all NP problems in polynomial time on a whiteboard. Jeff Dean once shifted a bit so hard it ended up on another computer. Jeff Dean can beat you at Connect 4 in three moves. […]

Working from home: the yin and yang

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Howl It’s Sunday morning as I write this. I’ve just returned from walking the dog in a strong gale. That same wind is now squeezing itself through the rubber seals around the skylight above me. It sounds like I am on a boat. This desk that I am writing from has been in more frequent use recently. Over the last few months, there have been numerous changes at work that are making us a more […]