Month: December 2017


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A universal tool When you become a manager, you may find yourself wondering how you can have a tangible impact on the performance of allĀ of your staff. After all, they are at different levels of experience and have very different skills. For staff that you share a similar skill set with, such as JavaScript development, you may still be able to offer mentorship for technical problems. But what about for those that you don’t have […]

The contribution curve

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The curve As a manager, your performance is going to be judged on your output. As we’ve explored in previous articles, you can measure the output of a manager as the output of their organisation plus the output of the organizations under their influence. How can you make sure that your staff are performing as well as they possibly can in an environment in which they can grow? Let’s talk about theĀ contribution curve. Your best […]

Mount Stupid

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But it’s easy, right? Your team is getting it in the neck today. After months of technical exploration and prototypes, they have been unable to produce anything that looks like it will make the backend of the new product work in the way that it was imagined. The team are frustrated and are further convinced that without provisioning potentially millions of dollars in hardware and annotator time, they’re never going to be able to deliver […]